A Quasi-Other coffee machine


In the world of technology, we usually strive to create devices that seamlessly fit into our lives. However, sometimes these devices seem to have a mind of their own, blurring the line between machine and human. The idea behind this project was to conceptualise and design 'Brew' - a coffee machine which will combine the features of a human and a machine in order to get the best of both counter-parts.

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Setting the Stage

What separates a human from a machine?
Perhaps the ability to feel emotions, our consciousness, values and so on but there are also superpowers that machines posses and is hard for us to possess like endless patience, void of competitiveness, not taking things personally and so on. How can a coffee machine counterpart be designed so that it posses the abilities from both sides? To answer these questions, we set out to explore the possibilities of designing a coffee machine that could offer something beyond what traditional machines provide. We started brainstorming on concepts with possible features.

To gain insights into users' coffee-drinking habits and preferences, we conducted interviews. These conversations helped us to understand their morning routines and the significance of shared company during that time. We used this information to create personas, which guided our design decisions and ensured a user-centered approach.

Defining Scenarios

Building on the research findings, we developed fictional scenarios that depicted how users would interact with ‘Brew’ throughout the day. This process allowed us to envision the capabilities and features that ‘Brew’ could offer, shaping its unique identity.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

We translated our ideas into a digital prototype of ‘Brew’ and conducted testing using the 'Wizard of Oz' method. This approach allowed us to simulate the user experience and gather feedback to refine the design. Through multiple iterations, we refined the prototype to enhance its usability and effectiveness.

Visualising the Journey

To communicate the essence of ‘Brew’, we created visual storyboards that showcased its features and interactions. These visuals brought the concept to life, illustrating how Brew seamlessly integrated into users' lives and enhanced their coffee-drinking experience. 

At the end of this page there is a short video demonstrating ‘Brew’ in the life of Amy - the persona character.

Learning & Takeaways

This project was a combination of innovation and creativity. The project also emphasized the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork. Working closely with students from different background, we cultivated a culture of open communication and shared knowledge. Through this innovative approach, we sought to push the boundaries of conventional coffee machine design and redefine the way people interact with their daily cup of coffee.

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